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Picture it: Kelowna 1982, Tara was born upon a pelt of fur and scatter of diamonds in a trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks. Moving to Calgary in 1986 and finally winding up on the right side, she heard her first track of Shirley Bassey from her mothers’ record collection and the entertainer was born. She got her inspiration from many classic acts as Judy Garland, Marilyn Munroe, Peggy Lee as well as Miss Shirley herself. Performing in some of the nightclubs and fundraisers throughout the city of Calgary, she made a name for herself and astounded audiences with her style, glamour and talent. As time passed by, her skill and perfectionism grew and her personality has been won over by all. Her obsessive love for the vintage and modern jewelry made every outfit sometimes to an excess but always causes a WOW factor, so who’s judging. She worked back stage for years learning from her fellow entertainers and was involved heavily in the Calgary Cares Fundraisers as well as variety of other functions that she felt were important to the gay community and herself. The day Carly and Tara met they became immediate friends and with some words of wisdom and guiding her along the path to greatness, has resulted in a relationship that has rewarded in the newest role as one of the premier entertainers at Carly’s Angels. So come on down and see how the right side of the tracks can astound and keep you smiling.
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Here she is boys. Here she is world... Here's Carly Forged from the early 90's Carly has been wowing audiences for over a decade and now finds her home at Lolita's Lounge in Calgary. Begininng her stage debut at Happenings Night Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba, She got her early start as part of the International Court Circuit, using her talents to raise funds for several charities and eventually won the coveted title of Miss Gios, at the time no ordinary bar title, and continued to represent that club across Canada in many charitable functions and events before making the move to Calgary in 1997. Having visited Calgary on occasion and performing, Carly already had made a start to a forging a name in beautiful Alberta. Performing the occasional act at some local clubs, and keeping with her charitable origins she ran for one of Calgary's most coveted titles and won Miss Gay Calgary 1998-99. After a few years of performing solely in the gay community, it became time for Carly to follow her dream and take the next step to having her own show. She began a short lived but extremely popular run at a club in Calgary called Plush with a variety of guest stars. Unfortunaly the club was not to continue its course and she was approached by the owners of The Village Cantina/Club Paridiso and moved her show to this new location in November of 2000.  The rest as they say is history...  Still hugely popular and sold out months in advance, Carly and her Angels continue to wow audiences and cause envy and rage with Calgarys public so get off your butt and 'DRAG' it to the show.
Mercedez has been wowing audiences for years with her comedic songs and impersonations. She got much of her inspiration to perform from such shows as “The Dean Martin Show” as she was a huge fan of the Gold-digger’s as well as her idol “The Sonny and Cher Show“. Originally from “The Queen City” -- Regina she has been performing for the past 25 years doing shows regularly at various clubs and events until she made her move to Calgary. It was in Calgary at a charity fundraising event where she met Carly believe it or not in an elevator. Carly was holding a pair of fabulous gold pumps and Mercedez took immediate notice of them and they have been friends ever since.
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You make the stage and anything is possible.   It's all so nice to get a chance to take the show on the road, Private Parties are possible, please email:
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Booking Information: The popularity over the years is over whelming and true with audiences booking months in advance to see either for the first time or again and again. You will thoroughly enjoy this show of lip-synced songs and campy jokes, not so much due to the outrageous costumes and flawless make-up, but because of the energy and dedication given to all the characters.  The beauty of it is, that the show changes every month, so it's never exactly the same. For RESERVATIONS or SHOW INFORMATION to see Carly's Angels at their weekly show in Inglewood contact : Salt And Pepper Restaurant / Lolita's at 403-265-5739
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